The software

ERP studied and realized with the latest information technologies in order to offer a high flexible system.

Here follows some of its main features:

User access with user name and password.
User activity low-level monitoring.
Conditional access to any window depending on the user or group.

Stock management, invoices, price lists

This is a matter that our company has to do dayly from many years. We believe we can fullfill any customer's need, giving a complete, reliable and extremely malleable product, which can help companies to manage simple or composite products, made from more than one metal, precious or not.

Ability to put together more than one single database in order to give multi annual statistics.

Each print can be view diretly on screen, redirected on PDF file for being sent by email, exported to Excel for any further post treatment.


- Customers order, order confirmation with images
- Supplier/production order
- Alternative codes for each reference for any customer/supplier
- Stock monitoring with automatic stock renewal order creation
- Order receiving with automatic customer order assignation
- Automatic packing list creation with contextual label printing

Delivery monitoring, customer/supplier order state, customer/supplier order confirmation print, statistics about amount ordered - amount delivered, suppliers price list checkout.

Alo Flow Orders


It's a module made of "Bill of Materials" and "Production Cycles"
A particular reference coding allows similar products to be really easy managed and a flexible maintenance.

  • Production programming and simulation
  • Working sheet management
  • Raw matherials and semifinished products requirements (BOM)
  • Internal and external production cycles management by Kanban logic
  • Automatic data identification by the use of RFID transponder and barcodes
  • Production advance monitoring and unit workload


By the use of user friendly tools is possible to make catalogues with images and text. They can be printed on paper, on file (the most diffused are PDF and HTML) or put them automatically inside a CD.

Points of sale

Full management of a any point of sale, with the use of barcodes, optional fiscal recorder, inventory, touch screen monitors, any single jewel tracking from when it's coded until is sold or given back from customers, weight-based price to piece-based price.


Thanks to an advanced and exclusive replica technology it's possible synchronize databases placed in different environments; one or more times a day each environment can be synchronized with any other in a few seconds.
The valid alternative to this kind of data synchronization is the use of Terminal Server, wich allows remote users to get connected from anywhere in the world and work as they were at the office.

Data analisys and statistics

Any statistic is freely customizable and there is an internal print engine that allows new prints and statistic to be created directly to the customer's side.

Flex Cube , our external statistic tool for data warehousing , allows data to be arranged and organized by any user need, in a very easy and flexible way.

Expert Exchanges for easy startup, user formation and strategic advices will help your company to use the software at best.
Remote assistance sessions allow a fast and reliable answer to any user need breaking down any problem coming from distance.